Velocity Poseidon PS4 Titanium Aquarium Pump

The PS4 silently (less than 30db) pumps 480 gallons per hour at 16 foot head pressure to 1080 gallons per hour at 3 foot head pressure through 1 inch hose barb. The latest in materials, including the Noryl housing & impeller, titanium rotor, EPDM high temperature O-ring (to 140F) and carbon graphite/ceramic bearing combine to make a unique leak proof design with line pressures to 50PSI. The pump comes complete with 6ft SJWTA water resistant power cord and features a Run Dry Cutout with thermal switch for safety. The high performance energy efficient 115V/60Hz unit requires only 140 Watts.

Another unique feature of the Poseidon pumps is the mounting bracket designed to allow the pump be mounted in any of four positions: With the output at a 45 degree angle to the left or right, the output vertical or the output horizontal to the left.

Over all length is 7” long including the threaded inlet port. The pump impeller housing is 4.25” wide. It is 4.5” wide at the wire inlet port. It is 5” tall at the outlet port. the Velocity 1 and 3 will pump up over 25 feet, and that 2Velocity 2 and 4 will pump up with max of 18 feet. Please note that it is normal for this pump to increase the aquarium's water temp by 4-6 degrees F.

Price: $174.99
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Manufactured by Velocity

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