VorTech Battery Backup

For use with EcoTech Marine’s VorTech Pump

Congratulations on your decision to own the best aquarium water current generating pump available and arming it with our Backup Battery. This amazing pump can do just about anything you need in the way of circulation and now you have the security of a reliable failsafe in case of a power outage. When the power fails, a critical countdown begins. Every tank is unique, but within a 4 to 10 hour period most tanks will ‘crash’ due to lack of flow and oxygen depletion. Temperature control and a source for light are longer-term concerns, but in an emergency, flow and oxygen come first.

The Vortech pump’s driver constantly monitors the incoming 24-volts of DC power it receives from the inverter that comes with your pump. If the power stops, the driver seamlessly switches to the Battery Back up and draws 1 2-volts for up to 30 hours of emergency circulation. Depending on your pump’s manually set operating speed, and the age and use time on the battery, you may get slightly more or less run time. Typically, if the pump speed is set above half of maximum, the driver will reset to half speed off the battery. If the speed is set below half, it will maintain that speed setting.

Battery life is a function of the temperature it’s kept at (optimally mid 70° F) and the ~ the battery has cycled through. The more heavy discharges, the less available power will be there when next called on. The recharger that comes with the battery should always be plugged in to insure a topped off battery if you need it. Even if you are storing the sealed battery, it should be fully charged first.

So, the next time you’re away for a weekend and hear of power outages in your area, you can rest a bit easier. If you string two of our batteries together using the additional output ports, you double the run time of your pump and your level of comfort accordingly as each battery adds 30 plus hours. Alternatively, one Backup Battery can be linked to two pumps yielding half the run time, but giving you the ability to protect two systems at once.

Price: $149.00
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Manufactured by Eco Tech

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