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CAD Full control Conic Media Reactors

CAD Full control Conic Media Reactors

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10 x 20

Product Description

Finally a solution for removing Nitrates, Phosphates, nuisance algaes with a twist of your wrist! With our newest full control 3-way re-circulating valve. Also many other benefits too that is progressively changing the way we all keep and maintain Marine fish and Reef aquariums. ALSO WORKS WITH GFO AND CARBON

New Innovative True Conic Bio-Reactors

A really exciting product we just finished here in our factory in California. It took us 6 months of R&D and designing to have our final Bio-reactor. We just finished our NEW Conic Bio-reactors and here are some of the newer design features our CAD Lights Aquariums Bio-reactors have: Anti- Clumping Design + FULLY CONTROLLABLE RE-CIRCULATING / OUTTAKE VALVE

True All-In-One design, where the pump is already built inside of the Bio reactor in the bottom chamber. This feature saves ALOT more space and ease of use the moment you get it. The intake is in the bottom and the outtake is from the top which allows for the most efficient flow of only 1 direction. External units use 2X the amount of space.

Advanced True Conic design is what makes our Unique "Rhythmic Tumbling Motion" that moves every pellet evenly and prevents clumping. Every pellet churns, swirls around and moves throughout the entire reactor (from top to bottom). Soft yet high flow movement perfect for the Bio-pellets to intreact with each other.

Self-priming and designed to be ready to use right out of the box and comes with all the pump, fittings, plumbing, union etc. all comes standard.

Space saving design and energy efficient. No need for an external pump that will take up more space and wasted pump pressure.

100% Cell-Cast acrylic and Hand MADE IN USA.

Completely disassembles easily for maintenance.

Compatible with a large variety of Bio-pellets (Purchase together below and its ready to use the moment you Receive your BR-1 Reactor). FOR BEST RESULTS AND MAXIMUM TUMBLING, USE TAPERED EDGE PELLETS OR PELLETS THAT ARENT PERFECTLY ROUND.

NEW 3-way recirculating valve gives you the control of the Bio-reactor at your hands.
Total space useage: 6" x 6" x 12" (16" high with plumbing)
Capacity of 50G up to 350G
Can hold up to 750ML of Bio-pellets.
Compatibility: works best with Tapered edge or other non perfectly round bio-pellets.
Built in pump.
11.5W of energy use.
Standard 1/2" SCH40 PVC can easily be extended to reach into other chambers for installation.
Total silence.

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