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Captive Purity 35 GPD Pro RO/DI Filter System Clear Canisters
Your Price: $280.84

Detailed Description

Captive Purity represents the highest quality in reverse osmosis technology. Captive Purity Reverse Osmosis Systems meet stringent standards and far exceeds the quality of systems from other manufacturers. A wide variety of options ranging from economy 2-stage units to top of the line 4-stage RO/DI units are available to suit your exact needs. Drinking water systems and custom installation solutions are available. Captive Purity Reverse Osmosis Systems are engineered and manufactured under strict guidelines to produce extremely pure water with exceptional focus on minimizing phosphates and silicates. This is a very important feature for reef aquariums.

* Remove over 98% of all ionic impurities.
* Remove over 95-96% of organic impurities.
* Remove colloidal and particulate impurities.
* Remove micro-organisms and pyrogens.
* Remove chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, etc.
* All systems include a non-corrosive 3/4" plastic garden hose adapter (non-brass).

4-stage Pro RO/DI System Features:
* 1 micron sediment prefilter.
* Very high efficiency 0.5 micron carbon prefilter
* High silica and phosphate rejection TFC membrane.
* Pressure guage and electronic purity monitor for easy monitoring.
* Quick connect and disconnect John Guest Super Speedfit fittings.
* High silica, phosphate, and nitrate rejection DI cartridge for ultra-pure water.
* Includes non-corrosive 3/4" plastic garden hose adapter (non-brass).
* The Captive Purity 4-stage Pro RO/DI is a titan among water purification systems offering unparallelled performance in both craftmanship and water purity.
* Clear Canisters.

**Receive 15% off your replacement sediment filters, carbon filters and membranes when you purchase RO/RODI unit from us.

All systems include a non-corrosive 3/4" plastic garden hose adapter (non-brass).

Note: A flush valve can significantly enhance the life of TFC membrane by flushing out any harmful impurity from the membrane.