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Chem Marin CM00516
Chem Marin Pre-Vent, 16 oz
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Detailed Description

Chem Marin Pre-Vent, 16 oz is an innovative product which will drastically reduce the chance of parasite infestation, Ich, Oodinium, Skin & Gill Flukes. It is made of all natural ingredients and totally reef safe. It is also safe for all plant life, fresh or saltwater. NOTE: This product is NOT to be used if parasites are visible or signs of parasites exist. Signs include: fish scratching off rocks, rapid darting, or any other abnormal activity. If this describes your situation, you need to use our Chem Marin Stop Parasites product to remove parasites from your fish and aquarium. Pre-Vent will NOT rid your tank of pre-existing parasite infestations.