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Chem Marin CM00108
Chem Marin Stop Parasites, 8 oz
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Detailed Description

Stop Parasites is the product you have been waiting years for. This product is one of the real Innovations in the hobby in many years. It is likely to become the standard of parasite treatment for fish and reef tanks. It is safe and works well. It rids your tank of all parasites including Ich and is totally safe for all fish, invertebrates and corals. We have hundreds of hobbyists who have already used it and are thrilled with the results. They like it so much they tell pet stores about it. We've had pet stores calling saying their customers have tried it and recommended they try it. It is our belief that Stop Parasites will redefine the whole approach to parasite treatment in fresh and salt water.

Stop Parasites is made up of 11 different natural ingredient, 7 major ones and 4 minor ones. It also contains several masking agents and is 100% organic and biodegradable.