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Hagen A7690
Co2 Natural Plant System w/ Co2 Activator Stabilizer
Your Price: $24.99

Detailed Description

  • Designed for tanks up to 20 U.S. gallons (75 l), for larger aquariums use multiple units
  • Dramatic results in 15-20 days
  • Enhances growth, condition and color of aquatic plants
  • Creates healthier aquatic eco-system

    Hagen CO2 Natural Plant System provides plants with a key nutrient that is lacking in most aquariums, Carbon Dioxide (CO2). This self-contained system generates the CO2 needed for aquatic plants to perform photosynthesis. This natural fermentation system has been designed to provide a simple and effective approach to providing dissolved CO2. Using a proven concept, every component has been carefully conceived to enhance performance. The level of CO2 generated by this system is ideally suited to most planted aquariums illuminated with fluorescent lighting.

    Includes: a fermentation canister, bubble diffuser and 90 days' worth of activator and stabilizer. Simply add water and regular table sugar (not included) to begin the process.
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