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Aqua Medic AB73009
CO2 Pressure Regulator By Aqua Medic
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Detailed Description

The Aqua Medic CO2 Regulator is a precision German regulation valve for standard CO2 cylinders. High quality nickel plated brass housing operates at a fixed working pressure of 22 PSI and includes two pressure gauges to monitor both the cylinder and working pressures.

The regulator fits every industry standard CO2 bottle with an external valve.

Designed for exacting bubble counts in critical applications like Calcium Reactors and CO2 Reactors, the needle valve allows fine tuning and adjustment.

The pressure regulator has been especially designed for use with either marine or freshwater aquariums and fish tanks. To ensure maximum service life, dependable performance and trouble free operation, read and follow all instructions.

Technical characteristics:

Type: regular-104 Code no: 71011
Flow rate: 70 - 1200 ml/min
Max pressure: 250 bar
Gas: CO2 only, working pressure 70 bar
Material: brass, chrome plated
Working pressure 1.5 bar ( at 70 bar primary pressure), fix adjusted.
Pressure gauges: 2 pieces, chrome plated for working pressure and primary pressure Needle valve for adjust ion of the CO2 flow rate
Metal cap to protect the needle valve against dirt and humidity.

The pressure in CO2 bottles is much too high to be handled safely without a proper pressure regulation. Solenoid valves, used for aquariums are safe for a pressure up to a maximum of 10 bars, standard tubing may be used up to 1 bar, special CO2 tubes up to 6 bars. The pressure in a CO2 bottle varies, depending on the room temperature between 60 and 70 bar. In order to reduce this pressure down to the optimum working pressure of the aqualine CO2 system, a pressure regulator is needed. The CO2 pressure regulator is best suited for this purpose. It is a rugged instrument, engineered to withstand regular use while providing sufficiently delicate regulation. The pressure regulator is a complete top class instrument. The whole unit is chrome plated, to improve the corrosion resistance. The unit is fitted with 2 chrome plated pressure gauges. The primary pressure gauge shows the CO2 pressure inside of the bottle. This pressure is 60 - 70 bar, as long as there is liquid CO2 left in the bottle. The second pressure gauge shows the fix adjusted working pressure of 1,5 bar ( between 1 and 2 bar).


1. Fix the connection nut of the regulator on the thread of the CO2 bottle (hand tight)

2. Adjust the pressure regulator and secure the connection nut with a spanner (size 23)

3. Connect the CO2- tube to the corresponding fitting

4. Remove the nut, and put it on the hose. The hose is then fixed on the fitting with the nut. Adjustment

1. The needle valve is protected by the metal cap against dirt and humidity. To adjust it, the cap has to be removed. Now, close the valve.

2. Open the valve at the CO2 bottle (four full turns). The primary pressure gauge shows now 60 - 70 bars, the working pressure gauge 1.5 bar ( 1-2 bar).

3. Open the needle valve, until the desired number of bubbles is reached. If the right value is adjusted, the metal cap can be mounted back on the valve.

Bubble counter: The exact control of the flow rate is only possible, if a bubble counter is used. We recommend the type counter 71211 from the CO2 program. Without bubble counter, the adjustment can only be controlled at the CO2 reactor. This is not as precise and will not permit tightly regulated control of CO2 levels in the aquarium.

Safety tips Never separate a stationary pressure regulator form a CO2 bottle, if it is under pressure. Close the bottle valve, and open the needle valve to release the gas before you separate both units.