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CPR CPR03393
CPR Aquatic In-Tank Refugium, Large Deluxe (CITR2LGDX)
Your Price: $54.19

Detailed Description

The CPR Aquatic In-Tank Refugium, Large Deluxe (CITR2LGDX) is a "safe house" that provides a protected area to help newly added fish or invertebrates easily acclimate to a new tank while also providing a place for injured fish or corals to regenerate damaged tissue without the need for a separate quarantine tank.

The CITR2LGDX also functions as a culturing area for small organisms that are intended to be provided as a food source for the inhabitants of the main portion of the tank. The versatility and easy use of the CITR2LGDX make it a valuable addition to every aquarist's tank.

The CITR2LGDX includes a Via Aqua V302 circulation pump. If you have ample circulation in your tank, you will not need a circulation pump. You might want to purchase the CPR Aquatic In-Tank Refugium, Large (CITR2LG) instead.

  • 11-3/4" Wide X 8" Tall X 5-3/4" Deep
  • Includes suction cups for attachment to the back wall of the aquarium