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Current USA Satellite Flexible Freshwater LED Light 44"
Your Price: $50.20

Detailed Description

The Current USA Satellite Flexible Freshwater LED Light, 44", combines Super bright 6500K white LEDs and rich 445nm blue LEDs in a flexible strip that can be easily taped the underside of a light or canopy. These custom color temperature settings will bring vivid life to favorites like cichlids, live bearers and tetras. The fixture features independent control of the white and blue LEDs, allowing users to select a color mode that brings your aquarium and all its residents into their best possible light

  • The remote, wired controller allows you to turn on just the 6500K White LEDs, just the 445nm Blue LEDs, or both the Blue and White together. You can also use the mode button to switch the light to night, storm (flashing lights), dusk & cloud cover mode. NOTE: Though you can control the Blue & White LEDs independently with the controller, there is only one power cord—and the Blue and White LEDs can't be controlled independently with a timer.
  • 48 White LEDs / 24 Blue LEDs
  • 13.2 Watts
  • Dimensions: 44” L x .375” W x .125” H