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EverCleanAqua EPP24-48
ECF ProPower: EPP24-48 24 x 48 inches
Your Price: $344.95

Detailed Description

EPP 24-48 Flow Rate: 1100 GPH

This filter is excellent for those who use gravel and artificial plants.

Sand cannot be used as a substrate for this filter.

Live plants must be potted, not planted directly in the gravel.

EverClean Filters focus on quickly and automatically removing waste suspended in the water as well as settled to the tank bottom to substantially reduce waste buildup in the aquarium, thus completely eliminating the need for vacuuming, prevents algae to grow, keeps the water crystal clear at all times, and greatly reduce water changes. EC Filters are good for both fresh and salt water setups.

EverClean Filters use a lift pump to remove waste from the tank bottom to a filter box on the top for easy cleaning. In order to remove all the waste in the aquarium, EverClean Filter use a flow pump, a set of water pipes with directed nozzles and a set of special flow guiding structure to deliver all the waste suspended in the water as well as settled to the substrate right to the water inlet of the lift pump for removal. The Bio-Plate and gravel will provide powerful biological filtration.

The width of Bio-Plate is fixed, the length can be adjusted by adding or removing a number of Bio-Plate sections, the length of each section is 3 7/8 inch.

For special tank sizes, please call for a custom cut Bio-Plate.