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EcoRay Ecoray 60
Ecoray 60D Dual Cord Aquarium Growth LEDS
Ecoray 60
Your Price: $366.09

Detailed Description

One cord for White LED, One cord for Blue LED

You can put the cords on different timers

Turn on Blue LED only and watch your corals glow

Brighter than Metal Halide 500+ PAR at 24 from center

Beautiful Shimmer Effect Will not heat your tank

62 W, 110 V - 220 V
Built-in Fan
All Aluminium Housing 14" x 8.5" x 2.4", 8.2 lbs.

Mounting brackets, hanging wire
30 White High Power 1 watt LED, Color Temperature 5500K-6500K
30 Blue Actinic High Power 1 Watt LED, Wave Length 450-470nm

Save $350+ yearly on energy and bulb replacemement cost
(Based on two 250W Metal Halide setup at 10 hours/day @ $0.25/kwh +$60 per MH bulb replacement. Replaced by 4 Ecoray 60)

For Best Results: -use one Ecoray 60 to cover 13 x 18 area to get min. 150+ PAR at 24

-two Ecoray 60 for each 250W Metal Halide you replace One Year Limited Warranty