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Filter MediaFor FX5 By Hagen Fluval

  • The only filter media included with the FX5 is the Fluval FX5 Replacement Foam Inserts. You might consider these following products--also listed on this page--for the three baskets in your FX5 filter.

  • 1. The Top Media BasketPre-Filter, Carbon, and Zeo-Carb--all available for ordering on this page--are all options for screening small particles from the water. Pre-Filter is inert, acting solely to create a screen. Carbon removes dyes, medications, and solubilized wastes that a simple screen cannot. Zeo-Carb removes ammonia; it is often used in beginning setups to keep initial ammonia spikes lower than would occur naturally.Ammonia Remover and the Polishing pads, both available for ordering on this page, can also be used in the top basket
  • 2. Middle Media BasketThe middle media basket is useful for chemically modifying water.The middle chamber is a good place to begin the biological reduction process as well. Many media types provide both mechanical filtering and biological treatment, creating an excellent environment for beneficial bacteria to proliferate. Even many chemical compounds will support colonies of bacteria. With the primary mechanical purification of the water stream occurring in the foam inserts, it is typical to load additional biological media into the middle media basket. BioMax and extra Carbon or Ammonia Remover are commonly used. This is also the place where more exotic media, chosen for a specific application, can be used.The Polishing Pad can also be used in the middle media basket.

  • 3. Bottom Media BasketThis basket receives the purest water stream, making it the proper place for dedicated biological media. Placed here, BioMax, for example, provides optimal biological power in a very compact ring. With a multitude of pores perforating both the surface and the internal matrix, it is an ideal substrate for this position. To capture any small particles remaining in the water before it reaches this final stage of filtration, consider layering a Polishing Pad, a fine mechanical filter, on top of any biological or chemical media placed in the bottom basket. This will prevent the clogging of the delicate pores of the media used here, enhancing the useful life.

  • The Fine Filter Pad can be used in conjunction with the Polishing Pad.
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