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Create a Virtual Coral Reef in Your Own Home

Many of our clients make the decision to purchase a fish tank after returning from an exotic vacation. Scuba diving off the coast of Belize offers a snapshot of the under water exotic. The world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef offers an enormous bounty of fish, coral, and marine wildlife. Even in the United States coastal cities showcase endless opportunities to see a wide variety of fish. Looking past the pristine beaches of Hawaii, there is an abundance of tropical fish to be found under the sea. Now with the home or office fish tank, these destinations can be a part of your everyday with little impact of the environment. In addition, the technology of roll form equipment has contributed to some of the aquarium options now available to consumers.

The heating and air sources that maintain a proper temperature for fish to thrive in a home aquarium is attributed to care, patience, and roll forming. A roll form is also often used in the light source apparatus used to illuminate the fish tanks themselves. For the coral reef lovers, the custom reef insert leaves one feeling as if he or she had just dived into the deep blue. This faux coral look is a popular option for the snorkeling or scuba diving enthusiast who understands the delicacies of the underwater systems.

Coral consists of miniscule animals called polyps. When the polyps die, they leave their skeletons. To give one an idea of the importance of these tiny creatures think about that fact that polyps take up mere 1% of the marine floor but support 25% of marine life. The wide ranges of colors encompass the vitality that has come to be associated with the great reefs of the world. As Joel Hedgpeth noted in his Treatise on Marine Ecology and Paleoccology in 1957, "Coral reefs are probably the oldest living communities in the sea, perhaps older than any extant terrestrial biomes."

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (AOAA), sixty percent of the world's coral could disappear the next 25 years. Already approximately 27 % of the coral cities under the sea have been lost to date. It would be nothing short of a small miracle if a bending machine could somehow manipulate this delicate ecosystem back into place with the same efficiency as industrial projects, but more diligence is required.

"Coral reefs are the most biodiverse of all known marine ecosystems, and maintain much higher genetic diversity than tropical rainforests. They therefore represent the world's most significant storehouse of potential future products," reflects John McManus in his 1995 report The International Coral Reef Initiative: Partnership Building and Framework Development. Careless fishing and pollution are two of the primary culprits for the reef devastation in recent years. Responsible fish tank ownership is one of the many ways in which one can tread lightly on the earth and creature a sense of the serene underwater worlds within in the home.

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