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Exquisite Fish Tanks to Enjoy While Waiting to Dine on Equally Exquisite Cheesecake
As an aquarium hobbyist or a fish tank connoisseur, we at, your online aquarium fish tank superstore, understand that fish tanks tend to be appreciated in any facet of your life.

How Fish Tank Accessory Products are Packaged for the End Consumer
Depending on the size, shape, and specific packaging requirements for each of the aquarium accessory products that we sell, the products will be packaged by their manufacturers in a manner that protects the aquarium accessory product and also gives the consumer the information they need to make a purchase.

Aquariums and Fish Tanks in the News
Well, much like you, we’re fish tank lovers.  Aquarium addicts.  Obsessed with ozonizers and passionate about pre-filters.  Whenever an aquarium is in the news, we’re all ears, and we thought we’d share a couple of fish tank stories that have already made headlines this year!

Home Office Aquarium Placement Options
One of the most graceful, elegant, and awe-inspiring additions one can make to a home office is a beautiful aquarium.  When you choose to add a fish tank to your existing set of office furniture, you’ll be interested in learning about the various shapes and placements of an aquarium that can bring out the most of your home office in a functional yet decorative way.

Movies and DVD's that Capture Aquarium Magic
As all of us aquarium enthusiasts know, setting up, running, and adding to our fish tanks is more than rewarded by the beauty and splendor of the underwater worlds we're able to create. The brilliant colors and patterns of the aquatic life contrast with the subtle textures and earth tones of rock and reef as the calming motion of plants swaying in the currents is sharply accented by the darting movements of fish.

Aquariums and the Zodiac – Why do we Love to Look at Fish Tanks?
There a million reasons why fish tanks bring so many of us such pleasure. For some, it is the peace provided by the appeal of water and the soothing sounds that emanate from a beautiful aquatic display. Others may enjoy the brilliant colors of coral, fish and other fascinating life that makes up a well designed aquarium. And for some, the reasons they get so much joy from an aquarium is strangely inexplicable.

Aquarium Showcase – the Birch Aquarium at Scripps in San Diego, California

As fish tank enthusiasts, we love to work with and enjoy our own aquatic displays, and knowing our own limits of time, resources, and money, it's difficult for most of us to imagine setting up and running the tanks and displays at some of the world's finest aquariums.  Nevertheless, a visit to appreciate the spectacular displays at well funded and fully staffed aquariums is always a rewarding experience.  If you happen to be near the southern coast of California, then we suggest a visit to the University of California San Diego's Birch Aquarium.

Selling Fish Tanks and Aquariums on the Internet
The upside to selling fish tanks and aquariums on the internet is that you don't need to have point of sale displays. The downside to selling fish tanks and aquariums on the internet is that you don't get to have point of sale fish tanks and aquariums filled with the most colorful beautiful fish in the world.

Save a Trip to the Doctor: Lift Your Fishtank With Your Legs
Back pain. Either you know someone with it or it affects you, and while it’s hard to make better once you have it, it’s incredibly easy to make worse. Years of bad habits—bending over to pick things up without bending your legs, lifting with your back, twisting at odd angles...

Deciding Between a Freshwater and Salt Water Fish Tank
From the first sea barbell that was kept under the beds of guests during to Roman Empire to the goldfish many of us had as children before moving onto more complex systems, fish keeping is a practice that has existed for centuries. Among Americans, fish keeping is second to stamp collecting as the most popular hobby. Many first time aquarium buyers...

Fish Tanks Make Great Additions for Relocations
Individuals, couples, and families all over the United States are relocated everyday. Moving away from the support systems of loved ones can be a difficult adjustment for even the closest families...

Create a Virtual Coral Reef in Your Own Home
Many of our clients make the decision to purchase a fish tank after returning from an exotic vacation. Scuba diving off the coast of Belize offers a snapshot of the under water exotic. The world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef offers an enormous bounty of

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