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How Fish Tank Accessory Products are Packaged for the End Consumer

Depending on the size, shape, and specific packaging requirements for each of the aquarium accessory products that we sell, the products will be packaged by their manufacturers in a manner that protects the aquarium accessory product and also gives the consumer the information they need to make a purchase.

As a few examples, a submersible aquarium heater, an aquarium air pump, fish tank lighting, or any number of accessories you need for your aquarium setup may be put through a number of pieces of packaging equipment before they are ready to be shipped to a retailer and finally to the aquarium owner for final use.

The first step is to define a package in terms of size and durability that will be able to protect the product from the time it is packaged, through transport, until it is opened and taken out of the package and put into your fish tank in your home or office. Often, cardboard is chosen as a material, and various thicknesses and constructions offer various levels of protection. If user guides or assembly pieces for the aquarium accessory are to be included in the package box, the size and shape of the packaging must take this into account.

In a traditional pet store or other brick and mortar retail outlet where you might find aquarium accessories, the packaging itself is often designed to attract the customer’s eye in a constant battle for shelf attention. The idea behind designing the packaging is for the product to achieve a level of desirability without having to open the box. Once the design and graphics of the package are designed, they can be applied to the packaging material (in this case a cardboard box) by using case printer equipment or any other type of printing equipment. In the case of tropical fish tank accessories, the graphics options are wide open, and extremely colorful, brilliant photos are often used on the packaging of these aquarium accessories.

Once the printing of the aquarium accessory package substrate has been completed, it is time to turn the flattened substrate into the three dimensional packaging box it was designed to be. Although case erector equipment or other types of machinery can do the job using tape or glue to hold the box together, in low volume situations it isn’t uncommon to see this step done by hand. Once the box is formed, the aquarium accessory product and accompanying parts and documentation are placed inside and the box is then sealed. Often, filler material is used or fragile pieces may be protected with additional material or a specialized shape can be formed to ensure that the aquarium accessory product does not move from its position in the packaging.

Finally, the package may be wrapped in order to ensure that it has not been tampered with once it finds its final destination. Many types of wrapper equipment can be used to apply a shrink wrap protective wrapping to the aquarium accessory product.

Here at, we work hard to ensure that your aquarium accessory products get to you safely and are ready for you to enjoy in your home fish tank setups.

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