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Selling Fish Tanks and Aquariums on the Internet

The upside to selling fish tanks and aquariums on the internet is that you don't need to have point of sale displays. The downside to selling fish tanks and aquariums on the internet is that you don't get to have point of sale fish tanks and aquariums filled with the most colorful beautiful fish in the world. Being in this business usually means you have a love for sea animals of all types. You may have been diving at some time in your life and saw some of those gorgeous blue and yellow colorings on the fish swimming with you. Or you may have grown up with a tank full of fish to watch instead of watching TV all the time. Whatever the reason, half the fun is setting up aquariums and seeing the animals in a cool environment whether in your own house or in a customer's house.

Not getting to see the customer's house is also part of the challenge when getting people to buy point of sale online and get their tanks from you. By offering more selections or custom tanks you can compete with most of the small shop tank sellers in most markets. There's not much when it comes to having to try a product. Most people who buy large tanks are putting it somewhere specifically in their house so the size and shape are usually predetermined before shopping.

That makes using the internet for shopping for a fish tank or aquarium a distinct advantage. Not having to put up displays and clean tanks and feed fish keeps costs down. These savings can be passed on to customers. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't run an internet business as you would any other professional operation. You should use much of the same equipment used in a store. Using barcode readers to maintain inventory and promote fast shipping only makes sense. You don't need a cash register system but you will need ways to input credit and debit cards. Keeping stocked with the right items and getting these items out to your customer in a timely manner is a difficult balancing act whether having a store front or having a warehouse that entertains internet orders only. Custom orders are the most fun but offer a unique challenge over the internet. The best way to handle this is to use other tools the internet offers. Email is probably the most efficient way to communicate with a customer since you will be showing drawings and other images to make sure what the customer is saying is what you're hearing. There's nothing more frustrating to ship a custom tank only to find out its one inch too wide. Having all the documentation is key to making a happy customer. Unfortunately, it is also important to have when it comes to having to redo a custom order if it's not right. The customer may always right, but orders are not always correct, so keeping in constant communication with drawings and documents is a great way to ensure the final product meets the order.

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