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Aquariums and Fish Tanks in the News

Well, much like you, we’re fish tank lovers. Aquarium addicts. Obsessed with ozonizers and passionate about pre-filters. Whenever an aquarium is in the news, we’re all ears, and we thought we’d share a couple of fish tank stories that have already made headlines this year!

The Downtown Aquarium in Denver, Colorado is the scene of this first story, where one of their enormous tanks was suffering from a leak that has been draining around three thousand gallons of water per day for the past nine months! Even though the aquarium is losing an enormous amount of water, proportionally the leak is very small, and apparently very difficult to find. The crews that were working on the fix had quite a difficult time finding the leak, and are now working on the repairs. With a leak that size, it was also necessary to conduct testing on the nearby rivers and wetlands to ensure that no impact was made on the environment.

The issue that arises is that the aquarium leak should have been reported to the state’s Department of Public Health and Environment. We’re not quite sure what the legal solution to this problem is, but at this time it’s reported that the state isn’t planning on doing any of their own soil or water tests around the Downtown Aquarium.

In the first lawsuit of 2006 in Madison County, Wisconsin, the manufacturer of a popular fish tank timer is being sued for an electrical fire that allegedly was started by the faulty aquarium product.

Although the insurance companies have already issued payment to cover the damages that resulted from the fire, they’re now suing to get that money back in court in what looks to be a product liability law showdown.

Because the fish tank timer was supposedly defective to the point of being “unreasonably dangerous” and did not have any protective measures to prevent the type of problem that started the fire, nor did the accessory come with sufficient warnings, the insurance companies are seeking to get the money they paid out back through the legal system. The insurance companies and their legal counsel are also seeking compensation for attorney’s fees and even interest on the money that has been paid out.

This next story takes us to Maine, where a restaurant owner had his pet koi seized from his fish tank by the state. The problem doesn’t have so much to do with the fish in this particular tank as much as it does an invasive species in a protected state. Invasive species, such as carp, can cause enormous damage or even destroy an entire ecosystem when they’re introduced. For this reason, carp are illegal in the state, and the seizure was legally founded. In 1986 the United States Supreme Court rejected a challenge to this law when a man who was fined for bringing another illegal species into the state. And even though this ruling should take away all legal question as to whether or not the law is valid, the problem is making people aware of the law.

Education seems to be the solution, as most people have been happy to comply as soon as the reasons behind the law were explained.

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