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8lb Inland Sea Activated Carbon
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Detailed Description

Inland Seas Marine & Reef Activated Carbon is a premium activated carbon. Activated carbon is a bituminous coal based pelletized carbon. Carbon is used to purify aquarium water by removing dissolved organics, medications, and yellowing compounds. This carbon has a wide range of micro pores and macro pores for superior removal of both small and large compounds. Pelletized carbon allows optimum water flow in and around the carbon, and resists trapping of fine particles. Inland Seas Marine & Reef Activated Carbon has a high hardness value to reduce dust.

Place the bag in the sump, tank or in a canister or power filter. Use approx. 1/2 lb per 50 gallons of tank volume (or more if there is a heavy bio-load). Replace carbon every 2 to 4 months.