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Fish School By R2

What started as a fun father-son project, soon transformed into an unusual hobby for Dr. Dean Pomerleau and his son, Kyle. This hobby was training fish to perform tricks! Dr. Dean and Kyle soon learned that fish are a whole lot smarter than people think.

Using common techniques of positive reinforcement and shaping, Dr. Dean was able to show that fish could be trained to perform incredible behaviors. Dr. Dean, Kyle and their fish training techniques, have been featured in scientific magazines such as Discover Magazine and National Geographic Kids. The response to this was amazing. People were astonished by the science, and amused by the myriad of wonderful tricks. The overwhelming reaction was that people wished for a complete fish training system. Then, they too, could train fish.

Dr. Dean teamed up with R2 Solutions to design and create the R2 Fish School (R2 Solutions is the developer/manufacturer of a variety of innovative products including the R2 Aquarium Moonlights). Countless hours were spent designing an extensive collection of fish training tools, developing a fascinating instructional DVD along with a richly illustrated manual to create the revolutionary "R2 Fish School" Training System. Simple, fast, fun, impressive techniques, and all the necessary tools to dazzle your friends and family! Truly, everything you need to teach your fish amazing tricks!
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R2 Fish School
R2 Fish School
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R2 Fish School