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Deciding Between a Freshwater and Salt Water Fish Tank

Deciding Between a Freshwater and Salt Water Fish Tank

From the first sea barbell that was kept under the beds of guests during to Roman Empire to the goldfish many of us had as children before moving onto more complex systems, fish keeping is a practice that has existed for centuries. Among Americans, fish keeping is second to stamp collecting as the most popular hobby. Many first time aquarium buyers struggle with the decision between a freshwater tank and a salt-water tank. Both have wide appeal for a variety of reasons, but fist it is important to ask yourself two important questions: Where is the fish tank going to be? How much time am I willing to dedicate in caring for the tank and its inhabitants?

If you answer "office" to the first of the two questions, your best option would be to begin with a freshwater tank; unless, you are planning on hiring a service to care for your saltwater fish while you're away or are comfortable, if needed, checking up on your fish over the weekend from time, which is often crucial in the first 4-8 weeks of an aquarium cycle. Most experts agree that the best option for first time aquarium buyers is to begin with a freshwater tank, which is much easier to care for, and build your way up to a saltwater tank.

The advantages of freshwater tank for the novice are clear. First, freshwater tanks require less care and are more easy to fix when problems occur. In addition, the equipment, supplies, and fish themselves are less costly when compared to their saltwater friends. This is not to dissuade you from purchasing a saltwater aquarium. Salt water tanks that are well-cared for can house thousands of organisms. There is a certain pleasure in hosting a small ecosystem in your family home. Another suggestion for the first time aquarium buyer is to join local fish clubs. Like with any new hobby, it is often best to speak with fellow fish-lovers who having been successfully caring for aquariums for many years. If your not the social type, your local library or bookstore carries hundreds of book that you will most certainly find helpful, too.

When we think of fish tanks, we often think of glass alone, but there is much more to their complex design. Fisk tanks are cuboid aquaria or simply stated, tanks. Concrete is used for tanks when area and weight are not issues. Precast concrete is commonly used in this practice. Leaders such as Northern California precast and Sacramento precast concrete produce a significant amount of this product that is essential in the construction of a concrete aquarium.

Every order three scoops of ice cream and only finished one or two of them? The same rule applies to purchasing a fish tank. Start small and work your way up as your appetite and experience with the hobby grows.

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