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Hagen HG11558
Glo HO T5 Electronic Fluorescent Lighting System, 2X54W
Your Price: $43.39

Detailed Description

The Hagen Glo Retrofit High Output T5 Retrofit Electronic Fluorescent Lighting System, 2X54W, includes a ballast, wiring and end caps to run two 54W T5 HO lamps.

The Hagen Glo Retrofit Lighting System should be used with a  48" Hagen Glo Single Light Reflector. Clips are included to attach the bulb to the reflector. The reflector can be screwed into the underside of an aquarium canopy. Although the end cap are water resistant the Glo Retrofit should only be used over a covered tank.

Lamps are not included. We have several types of lamps in our T5 Lighting Section and any 54W lamp we carry can be used.