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Midwest GT-32
GT-32 CD AquaCD Tower
Your Price: $676.05

Detailed Description

The AquaCDTowers allow for unique visual storage of your favorite CDs. Clear acrylic 3" or 6" diameter columns transmit the internal flow of colored bubbles while safely storing and displaying your collection. Rising from its black acrylic base that houses its air pump, light fixture and interchangeable color filters, each model AquaCDTower® reaches 5 feet or higher.

Acrylic CD holder house 24 CDs each. LS-5CD stacks 4 cell cast CD holders on a single 3" diameter column allowing for 96 CDs. Our LS-6CD stacks 5 optically clear holders on a single 3" diameter column allowing for 120 CDs safely stored. Model GT-32CD retrofits dual clear 3" diameter acrylic columns centered with a sturdy wire rack holding 80 CDs. Our grand tower model GT-33CD includes triple 3" diameter columns including dual sturdy wire racks holding 160 CDs. For the smaller yet more elegant collection we offer model GT-61CD single 6" diameter column with 4 acrylic CD holders displaying 11 CDs plus 1 double CD holding 7 double CDs for a total of 51 or 58 CDs.