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Hydor HY00588
Hydor Koralia Wavemaker 2, Low Voltage Pump Controller
Your Price: $242.72

Detailed Description

The Hydor Koralia Wavemaker system is designed specifically for use connected to the Koralia 12V pumps (Koralia Nano12v, Koralia #1 12V, Koralia #2 12V, Koralia #3 12V& Koralia #4 12V). The Wavemaker 2 can control two Koralia 12V pumps (pumps not included).

Wavemaker Functions:

ALTERNATE FLOW: With the Wavemaker you can create quick alternate pulse-like flows for a wake effect, or have a tidal effect by settings the flow to anywhere from one to six hour alternate periods. Alternating between the two pumps can be anywhere from a minimum of two seconds to a maximum of six hours.

SYNCHRONOUS FLOW MODE: The two pumps can be set to gradually increase flow from a minimum to a maximum setting.

FOOD MODE: In food mode the pumps can easily be turned off for feeding periods.

NIGHT MODE: For night mode the pumps can be set at minimum power.