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Hydor HY00766
Hydor Magi-Klean Aquarium Pump and Accessory Cleaner 3 Pack
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Detailed Description

Calcium and lime remover simplifies aquarium maintenance
Eliminate lime and calcium buildup on aquarium equipment
Prevent aquarium equipment damage due to calcium buildup

Remove lime and calcium buildup from aquarium equipment with ease. Hydor Magi-Klean Pump and Accessory Cleaner simplifies routine maintenance of water pumps heaters, skimmers and more. Mix dry powder formula with water to create a soaking solution that effectively removes even the most stubborn lime and calcium deposits. Use Hydor Magi-Klean Pump and Accessory Cleaner to eliminate lime and calcium buildup on any equipment that can be removed from the aquarium. Contains three single dose pouches. Each pouch creates 1/2 gallon of soaking solution. Important: Magi-Klean must never be added directly to the aquarium.