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Hagen HG11040
Marina AquaVac 25 ft hose By Hagen
Your Price: $42.99

Detailed Description

  • Brass adapter for standard faucets

  • Female hose adapter to connect to most industrial faucets and outdoor hose faucets

  • Valve to regulate the water flow when cleaning or filling your aquarium

  • Suction cup bracket that insure the gravel cleaner stays in place when starting the water

  • Fish guard strainer to ensure the safety of the fish when the aquarium is being drained

  • Gravel guard that ensures that no gravel is trapped in the hose when cleaning the aquarium

    Hagen Marina AquaVac with 25 ft hose is a complete gravel cleaner and water changing system. Water pressure from a home faucet and the suction pump drive the AquaVac system, which siphons water out of your aquarium. This system includes all equipment you will need to hook the up to both standard faucets, industrial faucets and outdoor hose faucets.