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Marine Ready Aquariums

Most Tenecor aquariums are available as Marine Ready packages. These turnkey systems come complete with plumbed pre-filters, external wet/dry filters, bio-media, magnetic drive pumps, and plumbing connections. This system is designed for demanding saltwater and reef aquariums but can also be used for freshwater systems where external filtration is desired.

Marine Ready aquariums are available with a clear, dark blue, or black back and feature bent front corners on all standard models of 72"e; in length or less.

Healthy Aquariums require three types of filtration: Biological, Mechanical, and Chemical. Tenecor's Marine Ready packages incorporate all three into an efficient and functional design. Excess filter capacity and high flow rates (gallons per hour) provide the ultimate in filtration while keeping maintenance to a minimum. Our Marine Ready manual makes this system simple to set up and use and our deluxe pre-filters conceal all plumbing from view. It's both functional and attractive!

Most Marine Ready models can be upgraded with our Berlin protein skimmer package to optimize performance with saltwater and reef systems. The Berlin package includes a Red Sea® venturi style protein skimmer, Rio® 2500 submersible pump, and plumbing modifications to the wet/dry filter.