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Maxspect Celestial C35-A 35W LED Spotlight, Algae Growing Spectrum, 2 Channels
Your Price: $229.95

Detailed Description

The Maxspect Celestial C35-A Algae Growing Spectrum is a new controllable LED spotlight with a set of attractive features. This 35 Watt spotlight is fully controllable by an intuitive built-in controller. The Celestial Spotlight utilizes the latest LED multi-chip technology with its Cree EZ1000 core chip.

The Celestial C35-A Spotlight is specific in providing optimal lighting for aquatic plants. Perfect for refugiums growing macro algae.

The Celestial C35-A LED multi-chip is controllable across 2 separate lighting channels (using the built in controller). The brightness of each of the two channels can be controlled independently, and each channel can have a different on time and off time. At the on time the light will ramp up to the maximum brightness setting over a 1/2 hour period, and at the off time the light will ramp down to zero brightness over a 1/2 hour period.

  • Channel A Hyper Red (x14)Hyper Red
  • Channel B White (x4)3000k Warm White

Other Features:

  • Utilizes an advanced heat sink with thermal tubes for maximizing heat dissipation
  • Built-in temperature controlled fan
  • 90 degree lens and reflective cups with nano-tech paint for maximizing penetration and superb color blending
  • The Celestial Stand is included. If fully extended the center of the Spotlight would be 13" from the back wall of the tank (of course, the light would then be very close to the water). The bracket of the Stand can accommodate tank rims up to 1-3/4".
  • 10 foot power cord (including section before & after the power supply