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Milwaukee MIL00510
Milwaukee-SMS510 ORP Monitor/Controller
Your Price: $151.93

Detailed Description

Smart controllers especially designed for use in aquariums

With Milwaukee's Smart controllers you can monitor and control pH and/or ORP levels directly in your aquarium.

All our controllers work with a 12 VDC adapter and can be hanged above your aquarium. The meters have a user selectable set point and a visual LED alarm that is active when the reading is higher (for pH) or lower (for mV) than the set point. Also the instruments are supplied with a power plug for CO2 or ozone dosing.

With each Milwaukee Smart controller your aquarium will have the individual attention that it needs.

Range ñ 1000 mV
Resolution 1 mV
Accuracy ñ 5 mV
Set point range 0 - 600 mV
Alarm Active when reading is lower than set point
Dosing contact 1 power plug for ozoneÃÅ  dosing
Power supply 12 VDC adapter
Electrode MA921B/2
Dimensions 80 x 145 x 35 mm

Smart ORP controller with user selectable set point

  • Visual LED alarm
  • Works with 12 VDC adapter
  • Power plug for ozone dosing
  • Platinum ORP electrode with 2m cable