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Home Office Aquarium Placement Options

One of the most graceful, elegant, and awe-inspiring additions one can make to a home office is a beautiful aquarium. When you choose to add a fish tank to your existing set of office furniture, you’ll be interested in learning about the various shapes and placements of an aquarium that can bring out the most of your home office in a functional yet decorative way.

Beware, however, that once your aquarium is installed, you may spend more of your time gazing dreamily into the fish tank from your leather office chair than you will getting your work done!

The first thing to consider is general placement of your fish tank. If your home office has windows that receive direct sunlight, you’ll want to be careful not to place the aquarium in the path of the sunlight. You’ll end up fighting large temperature variances (which can be damaging to your fish) as well as algae problems. Bottom line: it’s going to be better to put your Hon office furniture in the natural light of your windows than your aquarium.

The next thing to consider is maintenance. The fish tank should be place somewhere in your home office where you can easily get to the parts that need maintaining, and it’s also useful to be realistic and expect that water will get on the floor around it. So if your office boasts an exotic Persian rug or the latest and greatest in contemporary office furniture, for example, you may want to move it away from the fish tank. You’ll also want to make sure that the floor that will be directly under the aquarium will support the weight of it. Saltwater weighs approximately 8 pounds per gallon, and it’s easy to imagine just how heavy a larger aquarium can get. And keep in mind that by the time you add rocks, substrate, aquarium furniture and equipment, you’ve added more weight than the water alone.

One thing you more than likely have on your side in placing a home office aquarium is that aquariums generally should not be in places with high foot traffic. Many fish will hide in the rocks and other aquarium features when people’s movement is noticed, and you’ll end up with less fish to view in your tank from your home office desk.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when placing a fish tank in your home office is how and from where it will be viewed. If this is to be an aquarium that you truly enjoy, you’ll want to make sure that you’re able to see it from a comfortable location. If you have a corner computer desk, for example, you’ll be facing a corner and might want to consider a piece of office furniture that you would be able to look out into the rest of the office from. If you have a hexagon or cylinder shaped tank, it is meant for viewing from 360 degrees and often does well as a centerpiece of a room. This may be difficult to achieve in a home office setting, although it is possible. More common is the against the wall or corner placements that rectangular, flat backed hexagon, quarter cylinder, and other shaped fish tanks can provide.

Work or play, in a home office or in a home living room, we hope you enjoy your beautiful aquarium to its fullest potential!

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