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Hydor HY00584
Performer Protein Skimmer 400 By Hydor
Your Price: $309.99

Detailed Description

Hydors new Performer Protein Skimmers are equipped with a silencer, a special drainage systems that can be regulated in height, and a supply pump. The supply pump is a Hydor Seltz foaming pump that is equipped with a new lubrification system, and innovative rotormix brush impeller. The Seltz pump ensures the Performer skimmers have super efficient water circulation and foaming, very low noise level and low energy consumption. The drainage system can be set at different heights allowing for a very precise regulation of the foam by modifying the amount of water treated without changing the level of the water treated in the main cylinder.


  • Includes the Seltz L35 SK foaming pump and the Seltz L20 supply pump
  • Height: 19.7"
  • Footprint 7.1" X 10.4"
  • For aquariums up to 106 gallons with normal stocking levels and 66 gallons with heavy stocking levels