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Prodibio PD00233
Prodibio BioKit Reef, 30 Vials
Your Price: $44.99

Detailed Description

Prodibio BioKit Reef combines the products needed to maintain a reef tank; BioDigest (live bacteria), Bioptim (micronutrients), Reef Booster, Iodi+ and Stronti+ (coral and live rock supplements). The 30 vials in this kit will maintain a reef up to 50 gallons for 5 weeks.


Bio Digest eliminates organic waste and ensures the best water quality by reducing nitrates and phosphates. Five vials included. Bioptim enhances the action of the bacteria from Bio DIGEST Nano by supplying trace elements and vitamins. Five vials included. Reef Booster is finely micronized food, enriches with essential W-3 fatty acids. It has been designed for feeding invertebrates, hard corals and live rocks. Ten vials included. Iodi + helps the corals maintain their natural colors and prevents bleaching by supplying iodine, and essential element for their growth. Five vials included. Stronti+ is a source of strontium, which is essential for the growth of red calcareous algae, and of the skeleton of hard corals. Five vials included.