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Magnavore APU00401
Pura 454 Gram Phoslock
Your Price: $24.99

Detailed Description

PURA PhosLock is fast acting, long lasting, and very effective in reef, marine, planted, and delicate freshwater aquaria. PhosLock is the third generation ferric oxide hydroxide specifically modified for use in aquarium applications. PhosLock is stable and will not disintegrate even if subjected to high flow rates. It does not contaminate water with free iron.

Removes large quantities of phosphate and silicates thus greatly reduces propagation of algae.

Removes arsenic and other heavy metals.

Safe for the most delicate invertebrates - does not contaminate water with free iron.

Non-leaching, permanently and irreversibly binds phosphate and silicates.

No impact on trace elements and desirable fertilizers like potassium

Convenient to implement, comes with a 6" x 12" 300-micron media bag.

Treats 900 Gal.