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Red Sea Max Aquariums

MAX Concept

The Red Sea MAX approach to the coral reef experience is
to replicate a natural marine environment as faithfully as possible.

In the ocean coral reefs flourish only where specific physical conditions prevail, such as sufficient light, adequate current, stable temperature and water clarity. The Red Sea MAX concept provides a system that creates these conditions allowing you to keep a thriving, healthy reef aquarium in your own home.


The Red Sea MAX Concept takes away the worry about retro-fitting equipment, guaranteeing complete compatibility of the coral REEF-SPEC components built in to the aquarium, allowing you to focus on enjoying the fish and corals within your own piece of thriving coral reef.


Behind the MAX concept is the reassurance that the entire system has been designed by, and is fully supported by Red Sea, a market-leader in the development of coral reef aquarium systems and accessories.

Red Sea MAX Concept

True REEF-SPEC® for a successful Reef Creating Reef Conditions in your aquarium

The MAX REEF-SPEC® performance criteria is the result of Red Sea’s years of research into the sustainable growth of all corals, including the most delicate “SPS” corals, in an artificial reef environment.
This knowledge, gained over 25 years, forms the basis for the specification of all Red Sea MAX aquarium systems designs.

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Red Sea Max C 130 34 Gallon  Black is out of stock and we have 1 white left.
Red Sea Max C 130 34 Gallon Black Fish Tank
Your Price: $1,299.99
Red Sea Max C 130 34 Gallon  Black Fish Tank
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By Red Sea
Red Sea Max S-400
Red Sea Max S-400
Your Price: $3,999.99
Red Sea Max S-400
free shipping
105 Gallon Aquarium
Red Sea Max S-500
Red Sea Max S-500
Your Price: $4,499.00
Red Sea Max S-500
free shipping
132 Gallon Aquarium
Red Sea Max S-650
Red Sea Max S-650 Fish Tank
Your Price: $4,999.99
Red Sea Max S-650 Fish Tank
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175 Gallon Aquarium