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Refugium 30 For up to 135 Gallons By ADHI
Refugium Up to 135 Gallons
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Detailed Description

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Not only is it a natural way to filter your display tank but it is a sanctuary for micro-organisms to flourish and reproduce.
The Macro algae used in the refugium will utilize nitrates and phosphates from your water column.
These algae's uses these nutrients to grow and thrive.
• High quality Refugium filter with unequalled value
• Includes a 1x32 watt Compact Fluorescent Light for the Refugia area
• First Compartment is 10" x 13.5" to fit most in-sump protein skimmers.
• 1" threaded inlet and outlet (for external return pump)
• Has additional 3/4" threaded bulkhead for submersible return pump
• Rated 135 gallons
• 3 year warranty
• Dimensions: 30L x 14"W x 18"H


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