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Seachem SC05230
Seachem StressGuard, 500 ml
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Detailed Description

Seachem StressGuard is the premium slime coat protection product. StressGuard will reduce stress and ammonia toxicity whenever handling or transporting fish. StressGuard also binds to exposed protein in wounds to promote healing of injured fish and to reduce the likelihood of primary and secondary infections.

For freshwater & saltwater aquariums

Reduces stress for handling & transporting. Antiseptic for fish.

Use 1/2 - 1 cap to every 10 gallons daily until signs of stress have abated or healing is complete. The entire 500 ml bottle will treat 1,000 to 2,000 gallons.

Compatible with all medications except those that are copper based

Not amine based and will not interfere with Purigen or HyperSorb regeneration

Does not coat resins or clog filtration like competing “slime coat” type products can