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Aquarium Systems AS08113
SeaClone 150 Protein Skimmer By Aquarium Systems
Your Price: $90.69

Detailed Description

The Aquarium Systems SeaClone 150 protein skimmer can function as either an external hang-on or internal sump skimmer and comes complete with a Maxi-Jet pump. The tornado-like motion inside the SeaClone 150 protein skimmer removes organic wastes from your aquarium. The SeaClone 150 protein skimmer has been developed and tested in different aquarium environments. As a result, its design is simple and user-friendly. The SeaClone 150 protein skimmer requires no airstones and is more efficient than air-driven protein skimmers . The SeaClone 150 is for saltwater aquariums up to 150 gallons.