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EverCleanAqua sensation30w
Sensation 30 Gallon White Fish Tank
Your Price: $499.99

Detailed Description

The ECA Sensation aquarium is a perfect combination of style, elegance and ease of maintenance, now you can easily breathe some colorful life into your home or office, create a focal point for your interior decor, and put all the hassles of aquarium cleaning behind you.

This patented designer aquarium is handcrafted from top grade cell caste acrylic and finished with a special iPad style high gloss smooth surface for stunning elegance, the beauty of the aquarium is further enhanced by four clear/white acrylic corner posts and a clear acrylic cover. The filter box and lighting hood are hidden behind the top frame panel for a super clean look. It can be easily set up on an aquarium stand or on a sturdy console table.

By using a revolutionary EverClean Filter, this aquarium is the only one in the world that is able to remove waste suspended in the water as well as settled to the tank bottom to a filter box on the top for extremely easy cleaning, thus completely eliminate the need for vacuuming, prevents algae to grow and keeps the water crystal clear at all times. It is good for both fresh and salt water setup.

Dimensions: 24 inch x 13 3/4 inch x 24 1/2 inch

Tank: 30 gallon (115 liters)

Weight: 42lbs empty (19kg)

Filter: Everclean Filter EP-SA30

Lighting hood: Included 24w light bulb

Safety standards: CE