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Simplicity Plus Aquariums

Simplicity Plus aquariums are a Tenecor original design in which the filter is built into the tank. This system allows for easy set-up and low maintenance with no external plumbing, clutter, or leaks. Simplicity Plus aquariums are ideal for fresh or saltwater use and are designed to accommodate the maximum amount of bio-media for dependability. Quiet and reliable, Simplicity Plus aquariums have added a new dimension to the hobby and set a new standard in value. Simplicity Plus aquariums come complete with bio-media, powerhead(s), pre-filter sponge, and centipede returns installed at the factory.

Simplicity Plus aquariums are available with a dark blue or black back and feature bent front corners on all standard models of 72"e; in length or less.

Simplicity Plus models that are 36"e; in length or more can be upgraded with a Red Sea® airlift protein skimmer to optimize performance with saltwater systems.

Healthy aquariums require three types of filtration: Biological, Mechanical, and Chemical. Tenecor's Simplicity Plus filtration system incorporates all three into an efficient and compact design. Excess filter capacity and ease of maintenance make this system simple to use and our false-back design hides all of the filtration equipment from view. It's both beautiful and practical!