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Smart High Output Multi-Lamp UV Sterilizer

SMART UV Sterilizers eliminate waterborne pathogens, viruses, algae, bacteria and protozoa! Our SMART High-Output, Multi-Lamp UV Sterilizers are 100% Commercial-Grade and are designed for larger pond applications. Our simple, dual-lamp (T6/High-Output) design creates a super-efficient UV lamp array that delivers the highest UV-C output based on input watts -vs- cost. Our High-Output, Dual-Lamp (single body) configuration also eliminates the excessive pressure that is common with competitors' "Bank-Style" (single lamp/singe tube) UV Sterilizers. SMART HO ML UV Sterilizers are made of heavy-wall, UV resistant plastic and feature a removable electrical end that allows for easy access to the interior components. SMART HO Ballast Power Supplies drive the UV lamps at peak efficiency; ensuring optimum UV lamp output performance and useful life.
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