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The Algae Mower Vac
Aiptasia + Algae Remover
Your Price: $64.99

Detailed Description

Most hobbyists know that hair algae can't be eradicated permanently even if you boil up the rocks in hot water! When favorable conditions exist, which are typical in aquarium environments, they will grow back. But with periodic use of this tool, it is easy to stay on top of it and allows your crabs and fish to do their job with visible difference. You now can enjoy your algae inhibited tank without needing to cross your fingers and scramble to see what crabs, fish or chemicals would work! I guarantee you that Algae Mower Vac works every time and you don't have to worry about any side effects from administrating chemicals into your beloved aquariums or overloading your tanks with hit-and-miss algae eating fish & invertibrates!

It resolves the most common issues that are troubling aquarium keeping hobbyists for the longest time such as:

Green & black hair algae removal and control

Brush & beard hair algae removal and control

Red & Black slime algae removal and control

Moss and sticky detritus removal and control

Aiptasia or other pest corals removal and control

You also will own the strongest no-bucket gravel vacuuming to remove detritus and sludge from gravel, bare bottom and sump!

Here are some videos to show you the Algae Mower in Action.