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Two Little Fishies TL42243
Two Little Fishies Bactiv8 NPX, 250 ml
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Detailed Description

Two Little Fishies Bactiv8 NPX contains cultured naturally occurring marine heterotrophic microbes that aid biological filtration in marine aquariums. Use Bactiv8 NPX to enhance nitrification and denitrification, and to promote the decomposition of organic waste in heavily stocked aquariums. Bactiv8 NPX also rapidly establishes the biological assimilation and export of nitrate and phosphate when used with Two Little Fishies NPX Bioplastics and protein skimming.

250 ml size. Initial dose: 5ml for every 20 gallons.

Twice monthly maintenance dose: 5ml for every 25 gallons.

Natural Heterotrophic bacteria

Promotes assimilation of Nitrate and Phosphate

Improves water quality

Digests organic debris in gravel and filters