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Wave Makers

The constant and changing patterns of circulation are critical to the supply of oxygen and nutrients in you tank. These currents also help carry waste products away from delicate invertebrates. An aquarium wave maker is used to simulate the natural motion of the sea which invertebrates have become used to over millions of years.

EcoTech Marine

Wave Makers and Parts
By EcoTech
Hydor Koralia Wavemaker
Hydor Koralia
Wave Makers + Controller
Pacific Coast Wave
X-Wave Pumps and
Parts + Controller
By Pacific Coast
Red Sea Wavemaster
Wave Master Pro
By Red Sea
Rio Seio Pumps
Super Flow Pumps
By Rio Seio WaveMaker
SCWD - Squid- Wavemaker
Squid Wavemaker
Sicce Wavemakers

Sicce Voyager Model
Wave Timer / Power Strip
Wave Timer
+ Power Strip
By Aquarium Systems