4' FijiSun 4x54w HO T5 System (L48.25"xW14"xH4.5")

Model AFS44T5
T-5 Bulb Choice
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#1 in Quality and Innovation Fiji Sun Series T5 High Output (HO) Fluorescent

Don't limit what you can keep in your aquarium: T5 High Output (HO) Fluorescent Lighting gives you the flexibility to keep freshwater, saltwater, soft coral reef or planted fish tanks

  • T5 HO bulbs included.
  • Flexibility - using daylight and actinic bulbs in your preferred combination you create the lighting effects you desire: Combines three 24w Actinic Blue T5 HO and three 24w 10000K Ice White T5 HO bulbs (if you prefer a different combination, just let us know!)
  • Superior craftsmanship: Low profile & light weight, fan cooled with a powder coated black finish.
  • Durable German mirror finish, corrosion resistant, anodized aluminum reflector wraps-around each T5 tube boosting light output by 300% more than bulb alone without reflector directing maximum PAR down toward your aquarium tank
  • Maximum cooling ball bearing fan design keeps air circulating around lamps, prolongs lamp life
  • Heat resistant T5 lens protects T5 fluorescent tubes; separate power cords (per T5 pair) allow for automation of lighting cycles when using timers
  • High performance, cool operating, efficient, T5 electronic ballasts - improve light output and intensity
  • Suspend form ceiling with adjustable stainless steel cable system or mount directly on top of aquarium
  • Supplies the most concentrated light intensity, color spectrum and wavelength essential for photosynthesis and coral health
  • Vivid, sparkling and natural looking light enhances the look of your tank inhabitants
  • Proper spectrum, color stability and light output essential for the health of your aquarium
Dimensions 24.75"L x 20"W x 4.5"H
Rated Voltage 120v
Total Wattage 144w (6 x 24W T5)