5' CebuSun 3xMH175w+T5 System w/Ballast+Bulbs

Model ACBS51753
Metal Halide Color Kelvin Choice
T-5 Color Choice
Metal Halide Ballast
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Cebu Sun™ System Metal Halide & 4 x T5 High Output (HO) Fluorescent System

The Best Lighting for Your Aquarium. Metal Halide full spectrum lights are recommended by experts as ideal for proper growth and development of coral, anemones and invertebrates. BEST Performance • BEST Spectrum • BEST Results   

  • Supplies the most concentrated light intensity, color spectrum and wavelength essential for photosynthesis and coral health
  • Vivid, sparkling and natural looking light enhances the look of your tank inhabitants
  • Powerful enough to reach the lower depths of your aquarium with the same intensity and spectrum as natural sunlight
  • Proper spectrum, color stability and light output essential for the health of your aquarium
  • Superior craftsmanship, durable black powder coated aluminum system
  • German mirror finish reflector: intensifies Metal Halide light output
  • Combining Metal Halide power with T5 Fluorescent lighting for maximum impact
  • Low profile, ventilated aluminum fixture can be placed directly on top of aquarium or hung above aquarium
  • Remote, high performance Metal Halide ballast with quality quick disconnects.
  • Protective, tempered 'splash guard safety shield' UV lens
  • Fully assembled


  • Ballast: 1-175w Magnetic M57 (Electronic available for an upgrade cost)
  • T5 HO Bulbs: 4 x 24 watt T5 HO bulbs your choice of color
  • Separate cords for all MH & T5 bulbs: 4 cords total
Dimensions L24" x W13.5" x H6.5"
Bulb Base E39 Mogul
Rated Voltage 120V
Total Wattage 271 Watts (175w MH's & 24W T5's)