Clear-for-Life 75-Gallon 24"Lx24"Wx30"H Pentagon Acrylic Uniaquarium

Model 75G Pent U
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75 Gallon Pentagon UniQuarium 24"x24"x30" fish tank is the perfect choice for both the novice and the professional aquarium hobbyist. Unlike conventional aquarium systems, the UniQuarium is very easy to install and use. No drilling or plumbing required, just add water. The UniQuarium's 3-in-1 filtration system combines chemical, mechanical, and biological filtration for the perfect balanced environment. No more tubes, hanging filters, pumps or hoses to detract from the beauty of the aquarium. UniQuarium's larger biological area and high flow powerhead make it ideal for fresh or saltwater set-ups. UniQuariums come standard with chambers for a heater and Clear-for-Life Venturi skimmer (optional)

Clear for Life offers a Lifetime Warranty against leakage on all our Clear for Life aquariums. What does that mean? Simply this: We stand behind our product 100 percent. Our continuing goal is to manufacture the finest acrylic aquariums and systems available. We support that quality with value and service.

We feel that acrylic makes a better aquarium. Acrylic aquariums are brighter, lighter and stronger than glass tanks. Each Clear for Life aquarium is handmade using top grade materials, precision manufacturing processes, and the latest technological advances. Each seam is actually a chemical bond that "welds" the pieces together there are no bubbles so there are no leaks. Attention to detail, such as rounded safety corners, make each Clear for Life product a superior choice.

How do we compare? We offer the highest quality at truly competitive prices. We provide tanks that are easy to set up, easy to maintain, and that offer long life. Best of all, we price our products to guarantee our customers receive top value.