Aqua Medic Reefdoser Dosing Pump Quadro

Aqua Medic
Model AQ4571
Your Price: $489.99
RD4 reefdoser quadro with 4 dosing pumps - Dosing pump controller

The Reefdoser can independantly control up to 4 dosing pumps. The interval controller allows for adjustment of the duration of the on/off cycle for each pump over a broad time span -from seconds to days. The Reefdoser can automate many tasks in an aquarium:

* Regular dispensing of trace elements and fertilisers in salt and fresh water aquariums

* Controlled addition of Calcium and bicarbonate into coral reef tanks

* Accurate dosing of Kalkwasser into coral reef tanks

* Automatic feeding with live phyto and zoo plankton

Pump specifications (for each pump):

* Capacity: 0.79gal (3Lph)

* Maximum head: 10m/ 30ft - 1bar/14.5psi

* Pump Hose: Santoprene (Santoprene, for long lifetime)

* Power Consumption: 4.5W