AquaHouse Dosing Pump Flow: 1-99Ml per cycle

Model OCT00055
Your Price: $99.99
These high-quality precision output peristaltic pumps can be used for topping off water lost due to evaporation, dosing trace elements, two-part supplements, kalkwasser and/or any other liquid aquarium supplement or food. Great for automating mundane tasks like two-part dosing or to gain accurate control in Kalkwasser additions to an aquarium.

Easy to Use Dependable and Quiet Operation
Automatic micro-computer control
Calibration function
Long-lasting, durable dosing tube
Can chain link multi units together
Low wattage consumption when running 2.2Watts
Flow: 1-99ml per cycle
o Max Cycle: 1 cycle per hour
o Min Cycle: 1 cycle for 9 days
1 Year warranty