AquaticLife HALO LED Mounting Arm 18"

Model 370338
Your Price: $59.99
The AquaticLife HALO LED (MAK18) Mounting Arm, 18", is designed for use with AquaticLife HALO LED Lights. The black anodized aluminum Mounting Arm is compatible with M4 and M5 screws, and it can also be used with Kessil Lights. This Mounting Arm is 18" and designed for tanks that are 14" to 18" front to back. There are five holes one inch apart on the arm the HALO Light can be attached to. The tank mount has six height choices one inch apart. The mounting bracket (that attaches to the back of the tank) can handle tanks (or tank frames) up to 1-1/4" thick. When assembled the light can be suspended anywhere from about two to seven inches from the top of the tank rim.