AquaTop PF25 UV Hang-On Power Filter + UV Sterilizer

Model AT01922
Your Price: $89.99
The AquaTop PF25-UV Hang-On Power Filter w/ 7W UV sterilizer has everything you need for a clean tank in one package. This combo power filter, 7 watt uv sterilizer and surface skimmer is suitable for freshwater and saltwater fish-only aquariums up to 25 gallons.

90 gph powerhead with an adjustable flow rate

Self adjusting surface skimmer for cleaning the surface of the water and to promote gas exchange

7 watt UV sterilizer

Fits on aquarium rims up to 3/4" thick

Includes replaceable filter pad & ceramic rings

Dimensions: 6.5" x 6" x 11" Tall (including intake)